Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Arrogance of Government Spending

If you ever want to see a troubling dichotomy in our economy, look no further than the spending behavior between the private and public sectors. Right now, the private sector is now immersed in "thrift". The topics of consumerism and personal finance are now top-heavy with information and news about "how to save money". More and more folks are turning to frugality and trying to find ways to cut costs and reduce expenses. The major exception is government. Government spending at almost all levels are still too high. The federal government is the worst with trillion-dollar spending gone wild. Even beyond policies that affect all of us, our political leaders are spending more on themselves personally than ever before. I immediately think of an example:

During late 2008, our congressional leaders were basking in the media limelight by scolding auto industry executives for using private jets especially at a time when billion-dollar bailouts were being debated. But...

During 2009, those same politicians are now pushing to spend $550 million of taxpayer money to acquire private jets for their personal travel usage. More lavish travel and lavish entertainment while those actually paying for it are struggling. What expensive hypocrisy!

There are many solid reasons why the public is angry at politicians and disgraceful, lavish, excessive spending is a primary reason for the justified angry and outrage. The arrogant politicians are squandering the nation's resources at a time when our economy is struggling and millions are dealing with financial pain.

Millions are dealing with financial hardship, bankruptcy, foreclosures and tighter budgets yet our leaders are living lavishly and spending trillions without care or consequence. The payment of these trillions will have to be painfully inflicted on taxpayers and consumers and their children and grandchildren.

Congress and the President should use these tax-payer funded jets to go to Zimbabwe to see what could happen when exorbitant spending and inflating go too far. Remember this when they say to you "Aw gee...we have deficits...we need you to pay more taxes".

It is a important to communicate our dissatisfaction with the politicians running Washington and many of our states and cities. Call them...write them...meet them. Our country needs it.

Paul Mladjenovic