Friday, June 21, 2013

June 20th Market Massacre and the Big Picture for Stocks and Precious Metals

Talk about a bad day...The Dow plummeted 354 and silver massacred...

How should we look at this day? Does it portend more bad days to come?

In this video commentary, I discuss the stock market and precious metals. I also put the market massacre in perspective. During the first half of this year, stocks have had a good run while gold and silver have been hammered.  But how have these markets fared long-term?

You will also see a "Tale of the Tape" as I compare stocks and precious metals long-term.

I will also discuss what I expect for both of these markets in the coming years...

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Paul Mladjenovic

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stocks, Gold and Silver...What to Expect during 2013-14...

Will stocks keep going up? What will gold and silver do? I expect some major moves for all 3 coming during the next few years.

In this video commentary from my youtube channel, I address these questions and provide my expectations...

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Stay tuned for more posts...

Paul Mladjenovic

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