Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You Struggle...They Splurge

According to a recent news item, the federal budget (under the first year of the Obama administration and the new Congress) will hit $3.52 trillion. It will be the largest single year federal budget ever. The federal deficit for 2009 surpassed $1.4 trillion; this is the largest deficit ever. Deficits exceeding $1 trillion per year are expected for years to come.

The spending in Washington by the executive and legislative branches have been extraordinarily and horrendously extravagant. Meanwhile...

Our country is experiencing record unemployment. The private economy is struggling with unprecedented financial difficulties, mortgage defaults, overindebtedness and soaring bankruptcies.

The government is saddling our economy with trillion-dollar spending while taxes and regulations are rising at all levels of government which will only increase the burden on the private economy.

At what point will the public scream "ENOUGH!"?