Friday, June 21, 2013

June 20th Market Massacre and the Big Picture for Stocks and Precious Metals

Talk about a bad day...The Dow plummeted 354 and silver massacred...

How should we look at this day? Does it portend more bad days to come?

In this video commentary, I discuss the stock market and precious metals. I also put the market massacre in perspective. During the first half of this year, stocks have had a good run while gold and silver have been hammered.  But how have these markets fared long-term?

You will also see a "Tale of the Tape" as I compare stocks and precious metals long-term.

I will also discuss what I expect for both of these markets in the coming years...

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Paul Mladjenovic


  1. I'm glad you made this video. It seems to affirm my views. I'm still a very green investor and I've just completed reading your book about investing in precious metals. It seems odd that the dynamic has shifted where everything is going down or up in tandem. Metals no longer seem an appropriate "hedge" on a bad economy -- unless someone is manipulating the fundamentals (which is what you suggest is happening). My question is: Surely the leaders at the Fed Reserve know all of this. Why would they knowingly put the economy on a trajectory for the bubble to burst?

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